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Cognitive and Computational Sciences

Cognitive and Computational Sciences seeks to understand the processes that underlie human perception, learning, memory, emotion, conceptual representation, and language. Time-tested methods from cognitive psychology are combined with techniques from data science and are giving rise to a new kind of cognitive scientist who is capable of linking the mental processes governing everyday activities to neural processes in the brain.

Jessica Barber Headshot
Jessica Barber
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Teaching Professor
PAIS 468
Patricia J. Bauer Headshot
Patricia J. Bauer
Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Psychology
PAIS 365
Robert Hampton Headshot
Robert Hampton
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Psychology
PAIS 369
Stella Felix Lourenco Headshot
Stella Felix Lourenco
Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor
PAIS 471
Lynne Nygaard Headshot
Lynne Nygaard
Department Chair and Professor
PAIS 483
Michael Treadway Headshot
Michael Treadway
Winship Distinguished Research Professor in Psychology, Director of Clinical Training
PAIS 491