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Peter HitchcockAssistant Professor


I am dually trained as a clinical psychologist with a focus on behavioral treatment and as a computational psychiatry researcher with a specialty in applying formal learning and choice models to depression and anxiety. I received my PhD in clinical psychology from Drexel University, completed clinical internship at the VA San Diego in 2019, and was a post-doc with Michael Frank at Brown University from 2019-2023.


Research Interests

Computational modeling, depression and anxiety, reinforcement learning, rumination and worry, sequential sampling models, treatment development.

Research Areas 

The Translational Lab focuses on when and why decision-making goes awry in depression and anxiety disorders and on developing potent and scalable interventions to improve it. 

Our core methods are carefully designed behavioral tasks, conducted online and in the lab, and theory-driven computational modeling.

Some areas of particular interest are: 

1) Understanding rumination and worry from a computational perspective 

2) Developing clinical principles grounded in computational theories and translating them into self-guided treatments

3) Understanding the emotional, cognitive, and environmental contexts in which decision-making goes awry in depression and anxiety disorders

Prospective Graduate Students

I will be considering applications this cycle for graduate enrollment in fall 2024. Please see my Prospective Graduate Student FAQ for more information.