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Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience

Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience (BSN) recognizes that behavior is a biological phenomenon controlled by neural systems that were shaped by natural selection. It seeks to better understand neural systems and behavior through the study of evolution, development, and the proximate causes of behavior in genes, hormones, memory, and cognition. This research often employs comparative approaches using more than one species, ranging from birds to rodents to primates.

David Edwards Headshot
David Edwards
Charles Howard Candler Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience
PAIS 485
Robert Hampton Headshot
Robert Hampton
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Psychology
PAIS 369
Lynne Nygaard Headshot
Lynne Nygaard
Department Chair and Professor
PAIS 483
Michael Treadway Headshot
Michael Treadway
Winship Distinguished Research Professor in Psychology, Director of Clinical Training
PAIS 491
Elaine F. Walker Headshot
Elaine F. Walker
Charles Howard Candler Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
PAIS 487