About the Research

Research in the Department of Psychology includes work on how children and adults think, remember, and learn, as well aspsyc110
work on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychopathology. Our methodologies include behavior experiments, questionnaire studies, and observational studies, as well as brain imaging and electrophysiological studies. Our research depends crucially on the willingness of people from the university and surrounding community to participate in our studies. It is through their help that we have been able to make some fascinating discoveries.

All research at Emory must be reviewed by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). This board insures that the rights and welfare of the participants in our studies are fully protected. In all of our studies, the procedures are fully explained to potential participants. If at any time participants wish to terminate their participation in an experiment, they may do so without penalty. The data collected in these studies is kept fully confidential.

If you are interested in participating in one of our studies, please check out the Adult and Children links for further information. The PSYC 110/111 page is for students enrolled in those classes.