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Upcoming Spring 2021 Events

March 8 4pm Colloquium

Dr. Dorsa Amir
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Boston College
"The Development of Decision-Making Across Diverse Cultural Contexts"

2:45pm - DEI Roundtable Discussion with Dr. Amir
All Welcome!

March 18 4:20-5:35pm 

Mechanisms of Learning presents
Dr. Alexandra Rosati
Assistant Professor of Psychology and Anthropology
University of Michigan
"Comparative Lifespan Psychology: The Primate Origins of Human Cognitive Development"

April 5 4pm Colloquium

Dr. Lise Eliot
Professor of Neuroscience
Rosalind Franklin University
"On the Origin of Gender: Brain Sex Difference and Social Learning”

Co-sponsored by the Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture