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Bachelor of Science

Are you drawn to the cutting-edge questions being asked in scientific literature about behavior, the methodological techniques for gathering that information, and the more complex statistical analyses for evaluating evidence?

The BS in Psychology will provide students with the same strong scientific training afforded by the current BA, with the added benefit of enhanced quantitative skills and immersion into the recognition of psychology as a point of connection among many science fields.

The BS may be especially appealing to students interested in continuing their studies at graduate level in laboratories, health fields such as Clinical Psychology PhD, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, medical school, etc., and those who prefer the quantitative and natural science perspective of the BS option.

BS Requirements

Major Code: PSYCHBS
16 courses/51 hours to complete/letter grade only

  • Eleven courses originating in, or officially cross-listed, with the psychology department, plus QTM100
  • Additional coursework in the areas of a) quantitative or methodological inquiry and b) related natural science inquiry