Graduate Programs

The Department of Psychology offers programs of study leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree within our formal programs in Clinical Psychology (CP), Cognition and Development (C&D), and Neuroscience and Animal Behavior (NAB).

The emphasis of the department is a broad, interdisciplinary approach to understanding issues and problems in contemporary psychology, while at the same time offering specialization in a particular area.

Applying to the NAB and C&D Programs Simultaneously

There is substantial overlap in the topics investigated by members of the NAB and C&D programs. Students are encouraged to collaborate with any laboratory that represents their interests and will advance their training. In reflection of these facts, students may apply to either program individually, or to both programs simultaneously. If you wish to apply to both the NAB and the C&D programs, simply select both from the application menu. You will then be able to identify faculty of interest to you from either program.

Research Projects and Coursework

Research projects and specific coursework are developed primarily within the student’s chosen program. However, all students receive a common grounding through courses in statistical methods, history of psychology, and fundamentals of teaching practice, and participate in department wide-colloquia, research seminars, and special workshops.

Graduate Manual

Procedures, requirements, and training relevant to all students in the department are detailed in the Psychology Department Graduate Manual (updated yearly).

Additional policies and student progress information may be found in the Laney Graduate School Handbook.

Program Brochures

Cognition & Development 
Neuroscience and Animal Behavior

Questions and Contacts

The departmental Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) is Dr. Sherryl Goodman.

The departmental Graduate Academic Degree Program Coordinator is Paula Mitchell. She can be reached at 404-727-7456 or with general questions about departmental graduate program requirements, paperwork, and application procedures and status.

Program Directors listed below should be contacted with questions about program-specific requirements and opportunities.

Clinical Psychology: Dr. Linda Craighead
Cognition and Development: Dr. Phillip Wolff
Neuroscience and Animal Behavior: Dr. Robert Hampton