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Eugene K. EmoryProfessor


Dr. Emory received his Ph.D. in 1978 from the University of Florida.


  • Director of Clinical Training, Department of Psychology, Emory University
  • Board Member, Behavioral, Cognitive and Sensory Sciences, National Academy of Sciences 1998-present
  • Board of Directors: Family and Community Alliance (formerly Women’s Christian Alliance) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2000-present
  • Committee Member on Introducing Behavioral and Social Sciences Into Medical School Curricula, Institute of Medicine (National Academy of Sciences) 2002-2004.


Developmental psychophysiology and neuropsychology; psychobiological approaches to high risk research, perinatal brain trauma and early stress. Neuropsychology and assessment of developmental disorders, differential diagnosis and court testimony. Cognitive-behavior therapy, parent training. Out-of-home and foster care placement and their effect on psychological and cognitive development.

Research Areas

Primary Research Interest: Prenatal brain, behavior, and cognition. Perinatal stress and HPA activation, maternal psychopathology (schizophrenia and depression) and fetal development, Fetal Brain Imaging and neuro-cognitive development.

Secondary Research Interest: Maternal psychopathology in expectant women, depression in welfare mothers, and effects of out-of-home and foster care on child psychological development.

Clinical and Applied Interest: Clinical and Neuropsychological evaluation, expert psychological testimony, obstetric malpractice litigation. Therapeutic orientation is cognitive-behavioral in culturally relevant context. Diversity of experience and training in clinical psychological research.

Current Projects

Relationship of prenatal teratogens (caffeine, nicotine, psychotropic medication) on fetal neurobehavioral profiles. Computer based models for categorizing and analyzing fetal neurobehavioral profiles, fetal learning and memory.


  • PSYC 190: Freshman Seminar
  • PSYC 210: Adult Abnormal Psychology
  • PSYC 240: Psychology & Law
  • PSYC 313: Neuropsychology & Developmental Disabilities
  • PSYC 385R: Psychology and the Courts
  • PSYC 385R: Psychology & Law: Mental Health and Mental Issues
  • PSYC 750R: Clinical Supervision
  • PSYC 770: Psychology of Stereotype, Prejudice, Discrimination