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Therapy and Psychoeducational Services

At the Psychological Center, individual, couples, family and group therapy is provided for a wide range of mental health concerns and educational difficulties in children, adolescents and adults.

Problems addressed range from psychological issues related to stress, anxiety, depression, grief, anger, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, family or marital conflict, and child emotional and behavior problems to school-related achievement concerns, learning disabilities and attention problems.

Schedule a Therapy or Stress Management Screening Call

Give us a call

Call 404-727-7451 to speak with our office manager or leave a confidential voicemail message with the following:

  • Your name
  • Type of service you are interested in
  • Number(s) where we can contact you 
  • Available times to receive a call from us

Participate in a brief screening interview

Our Senior Clinician will call you back to conduct a brief screening interview to determine if our clinic’s resources can meet your needs and to answer any questions you may have.

If it is mutually determined that our services are appropriate for your needs, and we have availability, you will be assigned a clinician who will call you directly to schedule a mutually convenient appointment.

For therapy services, your therapist will typically call to arrange your first appointment within a day or two of your call. If you do not hear within 3 days, please call us at 404-727-7451.  

Therapy Fees / Make a Payment

Therapy services are available to the community on a sliding fee scale ranging from $18 to $60 per session depending on household income and number of people in the family.

Emory undergraduate students qualify for our minimum fee of $18.

Pay Fees Online
Therapy fees are paid online with an automated payment system within 24 - 48 hours from date of service.

Visa, Mastercard and Discover are accepted for client payments by clicking the Pay Now button.

We do not accept insurance. If you want to use your health insurance plan, you need to check with your plan to determine if the plan will cover services provided by a trainee under supervision by a licensed psychologist. If so, upon request, we can provide the necessary documentation for you to submit claims for reimbursement to help cover the cost of our services.

Online Individualized Stress Management

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We welcome individuals ages 16+ to take advantage of this 3-session telehealth psychoeducational opportunity at the Psychological Center. This service is offered free of charge during the pandemic.

We would like to assist you with creating your own physical and mental relaxation skills toolbox using strategies drawn from the fields of mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. You will be guided through exercises to build skills in relaxation and self-reflection while clarifying personal values and enhancing emotional well-being.

After a short screening phone call, you will work with one of our clinicians in a guided, interactive, 3-session video chat web series. These sessions are 50 minutes long and are held once a week for 3 weeks. Sessions can be conveniently scheduled.

Please call 404-727-7451 to indicate your interest, and we will follow up with you to arrange a brief screening.

Mindful Eating Group

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This Mindful Eating Group is designed for women between 17 and 35 with eating and weight concerns who are interested in learning a non-diet approach (appetite awareness training) to become more comfortable with their eating decisions.

Participants learn to re-attune to hunger and fullness signals so that eating decisions come to be based primarily on internal appetite cues rather than emotions, diet rules, “good vs. bad” foods, or thoughts about what others are eating. Discussion includes individualized problem-solving with an emphasis on developing a more mindful and compassionate approach to eating and general self-care.

We are currently recruiting members for the group and will offer individual sessions for those interested until we form a group and establish a regular meeting time. All therapy at the Psychological Center is currently conducted by Zoom.

Joining the group

If interested in joining this group, call Dr. Craighead (404 727-7558) to schedule an initial Zoom session with her.

Minimum Commitment 

The group is open-ended so participants may join at any time but individuals are asked to make a commitment for a minimum of 5 sessions if they decide to join after attending the initial session.


There is no fee for Emory students. Cost is $20 per session for others.