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Psychological Evaluation

We provide low-cost psychological evaluations to both children and adults. To obtain an evaluation, the process involves completing a screening form and a brief phone intake with our senior clinician. It is also possible to complete the screening form on the phone with the senior clinician.

Our psychological evaluation program, which was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has re-opened on a limited basis. 

For applicants who are not fully vaccinated, we have specific COVID-19 testing requirements. Our COVID-19 protocol will be described in detail by the senior clinician during the intake call. For more information, you may call the Psychological Center at 404-727-7451.

Screening Forms

Evaluations are now available to individuals age 16 through adult. Note that there are two screening forms: (i) one for ages 16 and 17, to be completed by a parent, and (ii) the other for ages 18 and up. We anticipate re-starting evaluations for youngsters below age 16 in the coming months. We will provide updates on this webpage. You may call the main office (404-727-7451) to find out more information.

Limited Availability

We receive more requests for testing than we have spaces for each semester. Availability of assessment services is limited by the training needs of our students, and decisions are not made on a first-come, first-served basis. If we do not have availability, or it is determined that other resources would be more helpful to you, appropriate referrals will be provided.

Fee and Payment Instructions

If you are accepted for an evaluation, the full fee of $850 (which includes a non-refundable fee of $100) is required to reserve your spot. 

Payments are made online (with a debit or credit card) and must be received by our office within 1 week of your acceptance.

We require two online payments: a non-refundable $100 administrative processing fee, and a balance payment of $750. The balance payment is automatically processed after the first evaluation session has taken place.

Available Screening Forms

Please Note: You must download and save the screening forms.  Information entered directly into the form from a web browser may not save when the form is sent.

For additional information, such as health insurance acceptance, please visit our frequently asked questions.

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