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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up / participate?

    If you are interested in participating, please complete our online participant registration form. Signing up or expressing your interest in participating in a study does not obligate you to participate in a study.

    Providing your information allows us to contact you with the details of a specific study when it is happening. Because our studies focus on infants and children at particular ages, several months may pass before we contact you.

  • What happens after I sign up?

    We will enter your family’s information into our confidential database and when your child reaches an age that we are studying, we will call you to describe the session fully. Keep in mind that because our studies focus on children of different ages, you might be called right away, or it could be several months before we contact you. You are under no obligation to participate in a study. By signing up, you permit us to contact you with the details of a specific study.

  • Is all contact information kept confidential?

    Yes. Contact information for your family is stored in a confidential database that is only available to the center coordinator and lab staff who are involved in the studies. This information is shared only with study personnel. Your researcher can explain lab confidentiality more thoroughly when you meet.

  • How much time do I need to participate?

    Studies usually last between fifteen minutes and one hour and take place at our comfortable center at Emory University, or online.

  • Is participation on-site at the center?

    We are now operating on a hybrid basis. Both online and on-site studies are being conducted as of November 2022.

  • Am I paid for my participation?

    As a thank you for participating in our studies, every child will receive a gift card to a local merchant.

  • May I stay with my child during the study?

    Yes, you may stay the entire time. We also have a comfortable waiting room filled with toys and games for participants and their siblings to play and use. The Center provides a large family-sized bathroom in the study center with enough space for strollers and more than one child.

  • Do I have to pay to park at Emory?

    No. Your researcher will give you a parking validation when you complete your study. Research participants park in the Peavine Visitor Lot located across the street from the Center. If that lot is full, your parking validation covers the nearby Oxford Parking Lot, located next to the Barnes & Noble store.

  • Does the Child Study Center provide therapy for children?

    For parents seeking information about therapeutic services for their children or family, please contact the Emory Psychological Center at 404-727-7451.

    A range of diagnostic and therapeutic services may be available for emotional and educational difficulties in children, adolescents and adults.