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CSC LobbyHave you ever wondered how your child grows? What they think about? How they think, and how they remember? How do children change as they get older and move from one developmental stage to the next? The Emory Child Study Center would like to find out — and you and your child can help!

At the Emory Child Study Center, we love introducing children to the fascinating world of research. Our center is comprised of seven labs that study language, learning, memory, and questions such as how children understand space and numbers and the role that the brain plays in child development.


Participate in a Study

The Emory Child Study Center is now conducting ONLINE STUDIES! Participate in our fun studies from the comfort of your home and continue to be a part of our engaging research. 

We would like to invite you and your children, age infant through 17, to participate in our studies. The staff in our labs watch and interact with children and their parents. Lab staff ensure that the studies take the form of games; some of our on-going studies involve children interacting with different types of toys, playing word games that determine how kids learn to associate words with meanings, and exploring cognitive and behavioral development in infants and young children. 

Studies usually last between fifteen minutes and one hour and take place at our comfortable center at Emory University, where parking is free and convenient. Each child is given a small gift or gift card as a thanks for participating.

Interested in participating?

If you are interested in participating in a study, or if you have questions, please email Susan Perlman at childstudies@emory.edu, or call us at 404-727-7432. You may also submit a registration form online by clicking on the How To Sign Up tab, below.

We hope you are interested in helping us learn more about early infant and child development; however, indicating you are interested will not obligate you to participate in a study. Your response simply allows us to contact you with the details of a specific study. Because our projects focus on infants and children at particular ages, several months may pass before we contact you.

Here's a short video (1min 37secs) about How Kids Learn

To learn more about us and what we do, check out our News tab, below. 

Participating Labs


The Emory Child Study Center is comprised of seven research labs, all located in the Psychology and Interdisciplinary Sciences building (PAIS) on the main Emory University campus. Each lab is directed by a Department of Psychology faculty member and is staffed by child study professionals as well as graduate and undergraduate students.

How To Sign Up

Interested in participating?

We hope you will join us in our efforts to find out how infants and children develop.

If you are interested in participating, please complete our online form below. We will enter your family’s information into our confidential database and when your child reaches an age that we are studying, we will call you to describe the session fully. You would be under no obligation to participate. Your response simply allows us to contact you with the details of a specific study. Keep in mind that because our studies focus on children of different ages, you might be called right away, or it could be several months before we contact you. In the meantime, please contact us at childstudies@emory.edu or 404-727-7432 with any questions you might have. We will be delighted to tell you more about our studies. 

Your Information
Your Child's Information
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All information submitted to us remains strictly confidential and will not be shared with any person or party unaffiliated with the Emory University Child Study Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the center study? 

The Emory University Child Study Center studies infants, children, and adolescents in areas including language, learning, memory, and questions such as how children understand space and numbers. We also investigate the role that brain development plays in child development. Emory faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students are involved in each of these fascinating projects, and all graduate and undergraduate lab staff are closely supervised by faculty andprofessional staff.

Are you paid for the study?

It depends on the study. Most of our studies give the child a small gift as a thanks for participating. Others provide a gift card to a local merchant.

Is my family and child information kept confidential?

Yes, contact information for your family is stored in a confidential database that is only available to the center coordinator and lab staff who are involved in the studies; this information is shared only with the study personnel. Your researcher can explain lab confidentiality more thoroughly when you meet.

May I stay with my child during the study?

Yes, you may stay the entire time. We also have a comfortable waiting room filled with toys and games for participants and their siblings to play and use. The Center provides a large family-sized bathroom in the study center with enough space for strollers and more than one child.

Do I have to pay to park at Emory? 

No. Your researcher will give you a parking validation when you complete your study. Research participants park in the Peavine Visitor Lot located across the street from the Center. If that lot is full, your parking validation covers the nearby Oxford Parking Lot, located next to the Barnes & Noble store.

How To Get Here


Emory Child Study Center
36 Eagle Row, Suite 120
Atlanta, GA  30322
(404) 727-7432


The Child Study Center is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Weekend and after hour appointments are also available by request. If you are scheduled to participate in a study on off hours, a researcher will be there to let you into the main waiting area.


Parking is available directly across the street from our building, in the Peavine Visitor Parking Lot. Participant families will be given a parking validation card that will allow you to park in the visitor lot for free. If you leave this lot after 4:45 PM, parking is free. You are also allowed to park, without charge, in the faculty/staff parking deck adjacent to the visitor lot after 4 PM.

On Campus

Above is a section of the Emory campus map. The visitor parking lot and the building (Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies or PAIS) in which the Child Study Center is located are marked. To access the Child Study Center, please use the exterior doors to the right of the North Entrance main building doors (the entrance is slightly recessed under an overhang). The researcher conducting the study will either be waiting for you, or will meet you in the waiting room shortly.

How to Find Us

From I-85 northbound (coming from the south): Take a RIGHT at the Clairmont Road exit and go approximately 4 miles to North Decatur Road. Turn RIGHT onto North Decatur Road. Proceed for about 2 miles, cross Clifton Road. At the second light (which is an intersection), turn RIGHT onto Oxford Road (not a sharp right). Then, turn RIGHT onto Eagle Row. After the second stop sign turn LEFT into our parking area (an uncovered visitor parking lot). The entrance to our building (PAIS) is right across the street from where you turned into the parking area. If you happen to drive past the visitor parking lot on Eagle Row, you will see a large covered parking deck (Peavine Parking Deck) and you will need to turn around.

From I-85 southbound (coming from the north): Exit at Clairmont Road and turn LEFT at the end of the ramp. Follow above directions. From I-75 southbound: Take I-75 south to I-85 north. Exit at Clairmont Right and turn RIGHT. Follow above directions. From GA 400: Take GA 400 south to the Sydney Marcus Blvd exit. Turn LEFT at the end of the ramp onto Sydney Marcus. Turn LEFT onto Buford Hwy. Turn RIGHT onto Lenox Road. Turn LEFT onto Lavista Road (Note: Lavista turns into Lindbergh here if you take a RIGHT). Take a RIGHT on Briarcliff Road - there is a Starbucks and Whole Foods across the street. After you pass the QuikTrip, take a LEFT onto Clifton Road. Follow Clifton Road for several miles, through Emory's campus, and take a RIGHT on North Decatur Road. Follow above directions.

From I-20: Exit at Moreland Ave North. Moreland becomes Briarcliff Road after the intersection with Ponce de Leon Ave. Follow Briarcliff for about two miles and turn RIGHT on North Decatur Road. Cross over a number of residential streets, including Oxford Road but do NOT turn on the first Oxford Road which is residential. You will enter Emory Village with various restaurants and shops. Turn LEFT onto Oxford Road and then turn RIGHT onto Eagle Row. From Highway 78: Take 78 West to North Druid Hills Road. Turn right at the end of the ramp. Turn LEFT onto Clairmont Road. Turn RIGHT onto North Decatur Road. Proceed for about 2 miles and cross Clifton Road. Follow above directions.


Emory Psychological Center

A range of diagnostic and therapeutic services is provided for emotional and educational difficulties in children, adolescents and adults. Problems addressed include the range of concerns and disorders that bring people in for treatment. They range from psychological issues related to pregnancy and childbirth, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, family and marital conflict, and child behavior problems to school-related achievement concerns, learning disabilities and attention problems.

For parents seeking these services for their children or family, please contact the Emory Psychological Center at 404-727-7451.

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