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Department of Psychology, Emory University




Dr. Wolff’s research focuses on higher-order perception, language, and mental representation. He has special interest in the relationship between language and cognition, reasoning, and the large-scale structure of the conceptual system. Dr. Wolff’s research involves a range of methodologies, including behavior experimentation, distributional semantics, machine learning, computer visualization, cross-linguistic comparisons, and corpus linguistics. Dr. Wolff has co-edited several books, including one with Barbara Malt entitled “Words and the Mind,” which examines the interface of language and thought across languages. He has given invited talks in a number of countries, including Norway, Germany, Switzerland, France, England, The Netherlands, Italy, and China. In addition to serving on several editorial boards, Dr. Wolff has served as director of the Linguistics Program at Emory, associate editor of the journal Cognitive Science and faculty at the 2007 Summer Institute of Linguistics at Stanford University.



Graduate Students

Jason Shepard (webpage)


Robert Thorstad

Robert Thorstad


Former Graduate Students

Kevin Holmes is an Assistant Professor at Colorado College (webpage).

Bianca Klettke is now a lecturer (=Assistant Professor in the U.S.) at Deakin University, Australia

Former Lab groups

WolffLab 2014-2015

2014-2015 Lab: from left: Robert Thurstad, Sarah Paik, Reid Kilgore, Yiwei Gao, Phillip Wolff, Jason Shepard, Sirui (Mimi) Liu, Allen Nie

Missing: Austin Blodgett, Cammie Wagner


2013-2014 Lab: Top from left: Ted Guio, Jason Shepard, Phillip Wolff, Kristin Denlinger,

Bottom from left: Lee Kugelmann,Hadar Naftalovich,Laura Manor, Austin Blodgett


From the left: Jason Shepard, Tyler Brown, Kevin Holmes, Phillip Wolff, Olivia Steeley, Ted Guio, Kelsey Jamerson


From the left: Tonia Davis, Kevin Holmes, Seho Park, Brandon Lock, Phillip Wolff, Meredith West, Sevina Nikolova


From the left: Andrei Popa, Phillip Wolff, Kathy Yeh, Iris Jeon, Aron Barbey, Corey Kallenberg, Rachel Robertson