Philippe Rochat

Professor of Psychology

Office: PAIS 463

Phone: 404-727-4284

Fax: 404-727-0372


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Department of Psychology

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Dr. Rochat received his PhD from the University of Geneva in 1984, and studied infants as a pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellow at Brown University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Johns Hopkins University. He moved from a faculty position at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst to join the Emory faculty in 1991. A 2006-2007 John Simon Guggenheim fellow, he has written over one hundred scholarly articles and is the single author of five books, as well as the editor or co-editor of three books.


What is the nature and origins of human self-conscious psychology? Driven by this question, the main focus of Dr. Rochat's research in the Emory Infant and Child Lab is on the early sense of self, emerging self-concept, the development of social cognition and relatedness, and the emergence of a moral sense during the preschool years in children from all over the world growing up in different cultural environments and socio-economic circumstances.



Moral Acrobatics: How We Avoid Ethical Ambiguity by Thinking in Black and White (Oxford University Press) forthcoming December 2020


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