Elementary Statistics


These tutorials were developed for students in introductory statistics classes who are having difficulty mastering some key concepts. There are some aspects of statistics that are just hard to learn and may require a different approach to the material. We have tried to include both visual and verbal descriptions of the concepts, to highlight key points, and to provide useful summaries of the material. The tutorials also include opportunities to practice applying what you have just learned. We will continue to add tutorials as they are developed.

Thank you to the Emory College Online program for the opportunity to learn to develop such teaching resources and their continued support. Special thanks to Silke von Esenwein, graduate student extraordinaire, who did such a great job with the animation and visuals on the central limit theorem tutorial and to Sophia Terranova for her good ideas and programming on the scatterplot tutorial.

The tutorials work on any internet browser but make sure that your browser is set to be able to read "Flash" files. The tutorials are sometimes slow, depending on internet connection speed and whether the system/server is "busy". We have tried to make navigation within the tutorials as easy as possible. If you want to exit a specific tutorial and return to the instructions page, go to the practice exercises button, click on the "end of tutorial" green button.

Scale of Measurement

Sampling and Sampling Distributions

Central Limit Theorem

Tests of Means

Statistical Power

Bivariate Scatter Plots -- This tutorial requires that you enable the Excel "macro" function

Calculations for Factorial ANOVA
Choosing the Correct Statistical Test


These tutorials were developed as resources for student learning. As such, I make regular modifications to these tutorials. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions that you might have. You can contact me [Nancy G. Bliwise] at nbliwise@emory.edu.