Tests of Means

Choosing the Correct Test

This tutorial is designed to help you develop a framework for choosing the correct test for an hypothesis about means. The tutorial begins with an overview of the different tests of means. It is followed by demonstrations of the factors that are important to consider when choosing your tests. Once you understand how to choose among tests of means, you should test your knowledge by doing the practice exercises.

This tutorial assumes that you know scales of measurement; the central limit theorem; and how to conduct Z tests, the one-sample t-test, and t-tests for dependent and independent means. The tutorial is not designed to teach you the formulas and procedures for conducting these tests. Rather, it focuses on how to select the appropriate statistic to test a particular hypothesis.

Students enrolled in PSYC230 - Elementary Statistics - who wish to receive extra credit for doing the tutorial should take the quiz posted on the Blackboard at Emory class site.