Undergraduate Research

The Department of Psychology encourages undergraduate majors and prospective majors to become involved in ongoing faculty projects as research assistants. Working in a research lab can be a crucial component of deciding whether to pursue graduate study in psychology as well as an opportunity to learn about specific fields in more detail. Students may participate in research on a volunteer basis or for academic credit through Psychology 499R (declared majors only) or Psychology 494R (study abroad credit). Research-related experiences in Psychology may also be available through work-study or the undergraduate research programs, one of the SURE Programs, or on a paid basis through individual laboratories. Finally, majors with outstanding academic performance will be nominated at the end of the junior year to perform Honors research as seniors.

Research opportunities for undergraduates may be identified through postings on the bulletin board next to Suite 270 on the main floor of the Psychology department, from the e-mail information sent to majors, or by contacting faculty whose interests match yours.

Browse faculty interests by research area:

Note: We encourage majors to enroll in Directed Research (PSYC 499R/494R) and Directed Reading (PSYC 498R). One enrollment in Psyc 499R or Psyc 494R for 3 or more credit hours may be counted as an elective towards the twelve courses required for the major. Directed research (working in a psychology laboratory under the supervision of a faculty member or study abroad) and reading (writing a literature review of a special topic) courses must be directed by approved Psychology department faculty. A list of regular faculty members of the Psychology Department who are eligible to supervise PSYC 498R and PSYC 499R may be found on the back of the 498R/499R contract form. Only faculty members whose names are on this list may supervise 498R/499R work. PERMISSION IS REQUIRED FOR ENROLLMENT IN 498R OR 499R. Contracts are available in Suite 270, and must be completed and return to Lorenza Houser for enrollment. Students must register for these courses prior to the close of the schedule change period each term.