The Department of Psychology offers several research assistant and volunteer opportunities. Please review the information below for a list of current opportunities.

Faculty Opportunities

Research Assistants


Fall 2017

Bauer Memory Lab at Emory University

The Bauer Memory Development Lab is interested in adding research assistants to a research team studying learning across languages in both traditional and dual-language classrooms. The research position begins in the fall and students earn 499 credit. The position then has the option to transition to a paid position in the spring. Students on this team will travel to NC for data collection during Spring Break. Therefore, students applying for this position must be available for all of Spring Break. Students should also be functionally fluent in Spanish. 

If interested, please submit the application (attached in this email) and email it to Alena Esposito at alena.esposito@emory.edu. Priority will be given to applications that are submitted by Friday, April 21st. Please contact Alena Esposito if you have questions. 

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Summer/Fall 2017

Spatial Cognition Lab at Emory University

The Spatial Cognition Lab in the Child Study Center at Emory University is looking for Research Assistants (RAs) to begin starting summer of 2017 and to continue into the fall. The ideal candidate has excellent academic credentials, a desire to continue education beyond the undergraduate degree, an interest in developing research skills in children’s cognitive development, and an ability to commit to our lab for approximately 10 hours/week for at least the next two semesters. Programming experience is beneficial but not required. This is not a paid position, but academic credit can be arranged.       

The Spatial Cognition Lab seeks to answer a variety of closely related questions. Here are some examples: How do humans represent our bodies in space? What is the relationship between abstract reasoning (e.g., mathematical ability) and spatial representation? Are children born with an ability to represent abstract relations, or does this ability develop over time? You can read about specific studies on our website: http://www.psychology.emory.edu/cognition/lourenco/lab/ 

This is a fantastic opportunity for the right candidate to develop research skills as an undergraduate, which is important if you are considering graduate school. If you think your qualifications and interests would be a good fit, send a resume to: ccheun4@emory.edu. Please include undergraduate courses taken in psychology and the grades you earned in those courses. If you are not a psychology major, please include any classes you have taken in related fields. Also, we would like to know why you are interested in working in the Spatial Cognition Lab. Please send all materials no later than May 3rd. We look forward to hearing from you.


Summer 2017

Dilks Lab at Emory University

An undergraduate research assistant position is available in the Dilks Lab in the Psychology Department at Emory University. Research in the lab explores the functional organization and development of high-level visual systems for face, place, and object recognition. The research assistant will focus primarily on behavioral experiments examining children’s ability to recognize and navigate places, and will be involved with all aspects of the research, including design and preparation of experiments, recruiting and running participants on experimental tasks, and analyzing data.


-           Excellent grades in scientific and statistical coursework

-           Outstanding organizational skills

-           Strong interest in working with kids

-           Experience with (or strong interest in learning) data analysis and programming

-           An ability to work independently

This would be an excellent position for a sophomore or junior who wishes to develop or expand their research experience before continuing on to postgraduate study or medical school. The volunteer position will begin in late May / early June 2017, and may continue into the school year. The research assistant will be expected to work at least 15 hours / week in summer, and 10 hours / week during the school year. 

For more information about the lab, see https://secure.web.emory.edu/psychology/dilks/main.php. If interested, please send a resume (including description of computer skills, relevant coursework, grades, and previous research, if any) to Freddy Kamps (graduate student in the Dilks Lab) at fkamps@emory.edu




External Opportunities

Research assistant position at the Atlanta VA 

The Empower Veterans Program (EVP) at the Atlanta VA Medical Center is currently recruiting student volunteers to assist with a project evaluating clinical outcomes for veterans who enrolled in the program.  

EVP is an interdisciplinary treatment program for veterans with chronic pain and involves weekly group psychoeducation, psychotherapy, and physical therapy.  EVP staff include psychologists, clinical social workers, physical therapists and a physician.   

Student volunteers would assist with clinical program data entry/processing,  observation of group psychotherapy, and (based on students’ level of interest) guided research projects for presentation at conferences, and semi-structured interviews with patients.  No compensation is provided, but opportunities for professional development are available. 

Please note:  The Empower Veterans Program is located at a local outpatient clinic in Decatur, and is not at the main medical facility on Clairmont Rd. 

For more information,  please contact Dr. Jennifer DelVentura at jennifer.delventura@va.gov by May 1st