Graduate Students

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Katrina Aberizk Advisor: Elaine Walker
Research Interests: I am broadly interested in the insidious onset of psychosis and hope to refine profiles of psychotic disorders to improve risk factor calculations and intervention strategies. More specifically, I’m interested in elucidating inflection points in the specialization of brain networks in early life, and in how the timing and biological embedding of stress, concomitant with genetic risk, may relate to neuroinflammation and the emergence of psychopathology in adolescence and early adulthood.

Nikita Agarwal Advisor: Philippe Rochat
Research Interests: Development of ethics and morality in early childhood with emphasis on conforming to authority.

Angelle Antoun Advisor: Benjamin Wilson
Research Interests: I am interested in comparative work with primates on the evolution of cognition, with a focus on the evolution of language and cooperation.

Amanda Arulpragasam Advisor: Michael Treadway
Research Interests: I am interested in using neuroimaging and neuromodulatory approaches to better understand the role synaptic plasticity and neural networks play in the etiology and maintenance of psychopathology.

Lauren Aulet Advisor: Stella Lourenco
Research Interests: Numerical cognition. Specifically, spatial representations of magnitude (number, object size, area, etc).

Devika Basu Advisor: Linda Craighead
Research Interests: Models of risk and resilience related to obesity and eating disorders in children and adolescents; incorporating these models into interventions and evidence-based treatments.

Nia Barbee Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: My interests center on stressful environmental exposures during gestation and interventions that can be implemented to prevent adverse health outcomes for African American mothers and children.

Lauren Bertin Advisor: Rohan Palmer
Research Interests: The interplay between cognitive, behavioral, and genetic factors that contribute to the development and maintenance of substance use disorders.

Shauna Bowes Advisor: Scott Lilienfeld
Research Interests: Psychopathic personality, specifically the potential behavioral, emotional, and neurobiological underpinnings of psychopathy; etiological models of pathological personality features; effectively communicating about scientific thinking.

April Brown Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: I am primarily interested in studying the “cycle of violence” hypothesis and examining the biological and psychosocial stress mechanisms that link adverse childhood experiences to child psychopathology.

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Andrew Cawley-Bennett Advisor: Joseph Manns
Research Interests: I am interested in understanding more about the mechanisms associated with encoding, consolidating, and retrieving declarative memories. 

Ruu Harn "Annie" Cheng Advisor: Daniel D. Dilks
Research Interests: Functional organization of the visual cortex and neural processes underlying visual perception.

Cyrus Chi Advisor: Jack McDowell
Research Interests: How ETBD may be codified in neurological activity, quantification and detection of behavioral feedback loops, and technologically aided prevention and treatment models.

Madeleine Cohen Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: Modifiable environmental influences (e.g., parenting behaviors, sleep) on maternal and child psychopathology (e.g., anxiety symptomatology) and wellbeing.

Tom Costello Advisor: Scott Lilienfeld
Research Interests: Processes underlying psychopathic personality, including those relating to narcissism, empathy, etiologic factors, and cognitive functioning; belief systems; the philosophy of science.

Lucy Cronin-Golomb Advisor: Patricia Bauer
Research Interests: I am interested in memory development in relation to knowledge acquisition in formal and informal settings.  

Kristina Dahlgren Advisor: Stephan Hamann
Research Interests: Brain systems and structures underlying memory, emotional processing, and stress.

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Jacquelyn, Advisor: Lynne Nygaard
Research Interests: The development, processing, and production of language (especially grammar in terms of syntax and pragmatics) as a means of constructing and organizing knowledge.

Melissa Engel Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: I am interested in studying pediatric chronic illness through a developmental psychopathology framework, with particular emphases on psychobiological mechanisms, stress, and resilience.

Jonathan Engleberg Advisor: Harold Gouzoules
Research Interests: I am studying how humans decode meaning and emotion from vocal cues, specifically screams.

Sarah Etuk Advisor: Michael Treadway
Research Interests: I am interested in using neuroimaging approaches to examine how stress and adversity alter reward-related brain function and increase risk for psychopathology. I am also interested in relating neural data to measures of inflammation.

Charles Ferris Advisor: Stephan Hamann
Research Interests: Emotional modulation of memory in humans.

Brandon Fricker bfrick2@emory,edu Advisor: Kelly Aubrey
Research Interests: I am interested in understanding the neural underpinnings of social behaviors. In particular, my research interests focus on how brain circuits produce helping and cooperative behaviors as well as how those circuits change with experiences. 

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Ryan Guest Advisor: Elaine Walker
Research Interests: Heterogeneous developmental trajectories and predictors of psychosis (i.e. at-risk states). 

Cynthia Guo Advisor: Philippe Rochat
Research Interests: Early social and cognitive development, especially social rejection across cultures.

Ana Maria Hoffmann Advisor: Lynne Nygaard
Research Interests: Investigating information integration between two languages and the physiological changes that occur during autographical retrieval in relation to age and gender.

Shabnam Hossein Advisor: Michael Treadway
Research Interests: My primary research interests lie in understanding the underlying cognitive mechanisms that maintain psychopathological symptoms especially present in anxiety and mood disorders. I am also interested in applying methods of network science to study mental disorders.

Ami Ikeda Advisor: Rohan Palmer
Research Interests: Understanding the gene- environment interaction in the development of substance use disorders. Additionally, examining the neurological, biological, and behavioral changes that occur in individuals exposed prenatally to substances of abuse and how that impacts later substance use.

Natalie Jaume Advisor: Rohan Palmer
Research Interests: My research interests include the effects of stress and environmental factors on one’s genome, and how that may affect one’s predisposition and risk for substance use disorders. 

Kiana Jodeiry Advisor: Irwin Waldman
Research Interests: Neurobiological correlates of genomic variants associated with higher-order psychopathology dimensions, particularly the externalizing spectrum; genetic contribution to disruptive behavior disorders in youth. 

Christopher Jones Advisor: Daniel D. Dilks
Research Interests: How the visual cortex is functionally organized to facilitate perception of higher-level information.

Elaine Johnson Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: Exploring the relationship between resilience, environmental stress factors and the development of mood disorders in individuals who have faced repetitive traumas or live in high-stress environments.

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Christopher King Advisor: Irwin Waldman
Research Interests: Investigating how the nature of nurture and exposure to violence and trauma contribute to the development of externalizing psychopathology across the lifespan.

Joshua Krasney Advisor: Joseph Manns
Research Interests: I am interested in using optogenetics and electrophysiology to better understand the interconnectivity between the amygdala and the hippocampus, and the influence this interaction has on learning and memory.

Ryno Kruger Advisor: Stella Lourenco
Research: Inherent Biases, the influence of early experience on later-life spatial navigation, cognitive processes behind risk taking behavior.

Victoria Lawlor Advisor: Michael Treadway
Research Interests: I am interested in computational modeling of value-based decision-making, the role of decision-making in mood disorders, and the biological basis of reward learning.

Yaxin Liu,, Advisor: Stella Lourenco
Research Interests: Spatial representation, particularly mental rotaion, spatial training, and spatial development in early childhood.

Kathleen Martin Advisor: Rohan Palmer
Research Interests: Gene-environment interaction in the development of internalizing and externalizing psychopathology.

Brooke McKenna Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: Biological and environmental influences on developmental psychopathology; interaction of early adversity and genetic liability. 

Adriana Mendez  Advisor: Ami Klin
Research Interests: Understanding the development, identification, and treatment of developmental disabilities (DD), particularly autism spectrum disorder. Furthermore, I’m interested in working towards eliminating healthcare disparities within the DD field, which unfairly and profoundly impact underserved communities.

Leonardo Michelini Advisor: Lynne Nygaard
Research: The relationship between language and cognition, how language perception and meaning are influenced by lived experience.

Paul Moon Advisor: Hillary Rodman
Research Interests: My interests include visual perception, circadian rhythms, limbic structures, and mood disorders. Specifically, I am interested in the ways in which environmental lighting, through non-classic visual pathways (i.e., non-image forming pathways) impact mood, emotion and cognition, both in the immediate sense as well as developmentally.

Jad Nasrini Advisor: Robert Hampton
Research Interests:  Broadly speaking, I am interested in studying how animals (including humans) develop higher cognitive functions across the evolutionary and developmental timelines. By looking at cognition across species, I hope to investigate how the underlying components of what we think of as “human intelligence” came about in the natural world.

Chaela Nutor Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: I aim to better understand the environmental risk factors that lead to disparities in child development. I am particularly interested in exploring the role of race, socioeconomic status, and exposure to environmental toxicants in the earliest stages of the neurodevelopment.

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Elise Ozbardakci Advisor: Linda Craighead
Research Interests: Prevention and treatment of obesity in children and adolescents. I’m also interested in utilizing digital health technology as a component of intervention programs targeting populations at-risk for obesity.

Natalie Pilgeram Advisor: Donna Maney / Jocelyne Bachevalier
Research Interests: My interests include social behaviors, early development, and autism spectrum disorder. I am specifically focused on social reward and how it modulates vocal learning in songbirds.

Blaire Pingeton Advisor: Sherryl Goodman
Research Interests: The link between maternal prenatal bio/psycho/social behavior and child development.

Holly Poore Advisor: Irwin Waldman
Research Interests: Studies genetic and environmental contributions to the development of aggression, social behavior, and social cognition. 

Jeanne Powell Advisor: Kelly Aubrey
Research Interests: Evolution of social behavior in rodents and computational approaches to ethology.

Mackenzie Prichard Advisor: Donna Maney
Research Interests: Physiological mechanisms of behavior and the evolution of behavior.

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Steve Riley Advisor: Jack McDowell
Research Interests: Quantitative analysis and modeling of behavior, and extending the reach and efficacy of clinical treatments via tools developed for consumer technology (e.g., smartphones and VR devices).

Brittany Robbins Advisor: Linda Craighead
Research Interests: The maintenance of non-restrictive eating disorders in young adults, as well as the use of mindfulness-based approaches for the treatment of such disorders.

Rael Sammeroff Advisor: Robert Hampton
Research Interests: I am interested in learning how attention and cognitive control develop throughout the lifespan of monkeys and how these two behavioral systems interact with each other. I also want to understand the impact of psychosocial stress (such as subordination) on cognition.

Susan Shepardson Advisor: Stephan Hamann
Research interests: Emotional memory, brain systems and structures of emotion, false memories, metacognition. 

Shosuke Suzuki Advisor: Michael Treadway
Research Interests: Neurobiological mechanisms underlying cost-benefit decision making and motivation, and their failure, in psychopathology. Social, psychological, and biological factors that interact with motivation to expend effort.

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Viviane Valdes Advisor: Linda Craighead
Research Interests: Psychosocial determinants of early child developmental outcomes.

Julia Wilson Advisor: Patricia Bauer
Research Interests: The development and the neurocognitive processes associated with self-derivation of new knowledge and other facets of semantic memory.