Office Staff Profiles

Kate Coblin

Assistant Program Director

271 Psychology & Interdisciplinary Sciences Bldg.

Phone: 404-727-7565
Fax: 404-727-0372

Kate Coblin manages the department and is the assistant to the department chair.

Direct questions to Kate regarding: 
human resources manager (searches and hires, payroll, evaluations, leave requests, timekeeping) • university, college, and department policies and procedures • faculty and staff concerns • department staff supervision • faculty searches • management of tenure and promotion materials • department calendar

Emily Stills

Administrative Assistant

270 Psychology & Interdisciplinary Sciences Bldg.

Phone: 404-727-7438
Fax: 404-727-0372

Emily Stills is the main receptionist in the department and is the first point of contact for incoming visitors and telephone callers.

Direct questions to Emily regarding: 
incoming and outgoing mail • Federal Express and UPS • room reservations • colloquia mailing lists and mailouts • colloquia organization • talk announcement flyer design • departmental copying requests • copier codes •departmental forms • paper and copier supplies • copier, fax and printer service requests • faculty search information • keys/card access to psychology space • general department information

Paula Mitchell

Academic Degree Program 
Coordinator, Graduate

276 Psychology & Interdisciplinary Sciences Bldg.

Phone: 404-727-7456
Fax: 404-727-0372

Paula Mitchell is the academic degree program coordinator and is responsible for graduate program administration.

Direct questions to our graduate program specialist regarding: 
graduate student records •pre-registration • online registration • drop/add/swap • qualifying exams • Master's and Doctoral defense requirements • student recruiting & reservations • program accreditation • information/application requests • graduation requirements


Lorenza Houser

Academic Degree Program
Coordinator, Undergraduate

275 Psychology & Interdisciplinary Sciences Bldg.

Phone: 404-727-7439
Fax: 404-727-0372

Lorenza Houser is the academic degree program coordinator and is responsible for undergraduate program administration, curriculum management, departmental course planning and scheduling, teaching evaluations, website administration, and sustainability initiatives.

Direct questions to Lorenza regarding: 
undergraduate student records • program management & accreditation • reports • undergraduate policies & procedures • course & faculty evaluations • teaching plan • curriculum management • website administration • study abroad • degree applications & requirements • transfer credits • honors program • research participation • pre-registration advising • Oxford continuees • final grades • enrollment • course offerings • atlas • classroom assignment & reservations • textbooks • commencement planning & reception • class visits

Denise Saintil

Senior Research Accountant

272 Psychology & Interdisciplinary Sciences Bldg.

Phone: 404-712-6595
Fax: 404-727-0372

Denise Saintil is responsible for processing financial transactions and purchasing.

Direct questions to Denise regarding: 
department operating account • reimbursements • payments • purchasing • p-card & corporate cards • account reconciliation & journal transactions •  budget reports • effort certification • post award grant management

Susan Perlman

Senior Research Administration Coordinator

120A Psychology & Interdisciplinary Sciences Bldg.

Phone: 404-727-7432
Fax: 404-727-0372

Susan Perlman manages the adult subject pool database and handles recruitment for the Child Study Center.

Direct questions to Susan regarding: 
psychology 110 and Psychology 111 research participation requirements • adult research participation • adult subject pool database maintenance and updates • the child study center

Nelson Sears

Administrative Assistant

502 Psychology & Interdisciplinary Sciences Bldg.

Phone: 404-727-7451
Fax: 404-727-1284

Nelson Sears is the assistant to the Clinical Training Director and the Administrator of the Psychological Center, a component of the Department of Psychology established to serve as an internship facility for advanced clinical graduate students, and to provide psychological and counseling services to the Atlanta community.

Direct questions to Nelson regarding Psychological Center, including: 
office hours • therapy and testing services • appointments and fees • parking and directions • weekly clinical staff meetings