Yuk Fai Cheong

Associate Professor of Psychology

Office: 375 Psychology Department

Phone: 404-727-9941

Fax: 404-727-0372

Email: ycheong@emory.edu

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Mailing Address:

Department of Psychology

36 Eagle Row
Emory University

Atlanta, GA 30322


Dr. Cheong received his Ph.D. in Measurement and Quantitative Methods from Michigan State University.  He has been a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at Emory since 2016.


  • PSYC 430: Advanced Statistics and Research Methods
  • PSYC 770: Multilevel Modeling: Theory and Applications
  • PSYC 770: Scale Development: Theory and Applications


My research interests include multilevel, Bayesian, and Rasch analyses as applied to the study and measurement of women’s agency, gender-based violence, test bias, and learning.

I am Co-Investigator on two National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded projects that study community influences on a) genital mutilation/cutting in Africa, and b) the development and validation of a measure for women’s exposure to economic coercion in Bangladesh. I am also Co-Investigator on a project funded by the International Food Policy Research Institute to adapt and validate a measure of women’s empowerment used in monitoring outcomes in agricultural development projects.


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Salem, R., Cheong, Y. F., Miedema, S. S., & Yount, K. M. (accepted for publication). Women’s Agency in Egypt: Construction and Validation of a Multidimensional Scale in the Socio-Cultural Context of Rural Minya. To appear in Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal.

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