Martha Bawn,, Advisor: Gregory Berns
Research Interests: Human-animal relationships, emotion, empathy and theory of mind in animals.

Ryan, Advisor: Robert Hampton
Research Interests: I compare human and non-human primate cognition to better understand the evolution of memory systems. I use behavioral methods such as computer based testing to assess cognition. I am focusing on studies of working memory in monkeys. I am also interested in cognitive control, attention, and the distinctions between explicit and implicit memory.

Emily Brown,, Advisor: Robert Hampton
Research Interests: Memory, metamemory, and cognitive control in primates.

Kathleen, Advisor: David Edwards
Research Interests: Testosterone and cortisol in athletes during competition.

Alexander Denker,, Advisor: Hillary Rodman
Research Interests: I plan to conduct decision-making research utilizing fMRI techniques to explore neural processes in the adult and developing brain. 

Rachel Diamond,, Advisor: Robert Hampton
Research Interests: Memory, cognition, and social behavior in primates.

Jonathan, Advisor: Harold Gouzoules
Research Interests: I am studying how humans decode meaning and emotion from vocal cues, specifically screams.

Claire Galloway,, Advisor: Joseph Manns
Research Interests: Functions of the hippocampus memory system.

Thomas Hassett,, Advisor: Robert Hampton
Research Interests: Social cognition and episodic memory in primates.

Jennifer, Advisor: Donna Maney
Research Interests: The neuroendocrine and genetic basis of social behavior.

Paul Moon,, Advisor: Hillary Rodman
Research Interests: My interests include visual perception, circadian rhythms, physiology, and mood disorders. Specifically, I will be investigating the relationship between maladaptive sleeping patterns as they relate to the development of mood disorders.

Lauren Murphy,, Advisor: Jocelyne Bachevalier
Research Interests: Development and disorder in primate social and emotional perception.

Ashley Prichard,, Advisor: Gregory Berns
Research Interests: My interests are in canine cognition and behavior, decision making, and olfaction.

Kaytlin Renfro,, Advisor: Kim Wallen
Research Interests: Exploring the mechanisms by which steroid hormones alter auditory perception.

Rebecca Roberts,, Advisor: Kim Wallen 
Research Interests: Nonhuman primate social behavior and cognition.

Carlos Rodriguez,, Advisor: Donna Maney
Research Interests: Evolution of behavior and the nervous system in birds.

Jay, Advisor: Harold Gouzoules
Research Interests: Vocal communication of affect in (human and nonhuman) primates.

Arick, Advisor: Jocelyne Bachevalier
Research Interests: Function and connectivity of the hippocampus with regard to learning and memory.

Alison Weiss,, Advisor: Jocelyne Bachevalier 
Research Interests: Cognition in primates.