NAB students develop a course of study in consultation with their research adviser to tailor their curriculum to their individual interests as well as gain a common foundation. Required coursework consists of four core classes that survey the field of neuroscience and animal behavior and a department-wide course in statistics. All other coursework is drawn from a large set of electives both within and outside the Department of Psychology. These electives include topical seminars taught by NAB faculty on focal research areas as well as more general courses within psychology, neuroscience, animal behavior, anthropology, and philosophy. This curriculum encourages students to acquire breadth of understanding as well as to develop expertise and in-depth training in their chosen area of specialty. In addition, structured coursework and classroom experience in teaching is provided to all graduate students within the Psychology Department (see links under Graduate Studies for more information).

The following is a partial list of current and recent course offerings by NAB faculty and affiliates. Core courses are offered in alternate years, such that one is taught each semester. Elective courses are taught on a rotating basis.

Psychology 522
Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. NAB elective. Manns.

Psychology 530 
Primate Social Behavior. NAB elective, de Waal & Gouzoules.

Psychology 550
Fundamentals of Systems Neuroscience. Faculty.

Psychology 551
Neurobiology of Cognition and Motivated Behavior. Faculty.

Psychology 552
Animal Behavior and Evolution. Faculty.

Psychology 553 
Comparative Perception, Cognition, and Learning. Faculty.

Psychology 730R 
Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Group. NAB Research Course. Maney & Wallen.

Psychology 770
Animal Models of Developmental Neuropathology. NAB topical seminar elective, Bachevalier.

Psychology 770
Neurobiology and Applications of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms. NAB topical seminar elective, Rodman.

Psychology 775R
Neuroscience and Animal Behavior Research Seminar. Faculty.

See Cognition and Development and Clinical program pages and current semester Psychology Graduate Course Atlas for other courses of interest to NAB students as electives.