Admission to the Neuroscience and Animal Behavior program is highly competitive. Applications are evaluated on the basis of academic and research background and potential and on the fit between the applicant's interests and the interests and expertise of faculty who are admitting students in a given year. We are committed to strong one-on-one mentoring relationships with graduate students and students are typically admitted into the program as a member of a specific professor's research group.

Applicants must follow procedures and satisfy admission requirements described in the main Graduate Studies section of the website in Admission to Doctoral Study in Psychology. A small number of highly qualified applicants whose research interests match those of our faculty will be invited to the department for a two day visit and interviews in early to mid February.

We strive to understand both behavior and the brain mechanisms that underlie it. Successful applicants to our program admission generally have extensive college-level coursework in neuroscience and/or animal behavior, and ideally a strong background in other basic science as well.


Questions about the mechanics of the application process, application status, etc. should be directed to Ms. Paula Mitchell,, Graduate Coordinator for the Psychology Department. Questions on the content of the program, admissions criteria, research opportunities, classes, etc. should be directed to 
Dr. Robert Hampton,, NAB Program Director. Since not all faculty admit students in a given year, you may also want to contact individual NAB faculty prior to applying to see if there is a potential match of interests and timing.

The deadline for applications for Neuroscience and Animal Behavior is December 1, 2018. Application for admission must be submitted online by visiting: This allows the Psychology program to have immediate access to your application, and it will allow you to track which credentials we have received.