Lauren Aulet,, Advisor: Stella Lourenco
Research Interests: Numerical cognition. Specifically, spatial representations of magnitude (number, object size, area, etc).

Vladislav, Advisor: Stella Lourenco
Research Interests: I am interested in the relationship between spatial thinking and mathematics. Specifically, I study how intuitive geometric reasoning may develop in conjunction with navigation abilities.

Ruu Harn "Annie" Cheng,, Advisor: Daniel Dilks
Research Interests: Functional organization of the visual cortex and neural processes underlying visual perception.

Lucy Cronin-Golomb,, Advisor: Patricia Bauer
Research Interest: I am interested in memory development in relation to knowledge acquisition in formal and informal settings.  

Kristina Dahlgren,, Advisor: Stephan Hamann
Research Interests: Brain systems and structures underlying memory, emotional processing, and stress.

Jessica, Advisor: Patricia Bauer
Research Interests: Development of semantic memory in young children and adolescents, metamemory, and metacognition.

Jacquelyn Ellison,, Advisor: Phillip Wolff
Research Interests: The development, processing, and production of language (especially grammar in terms of syntax and pragmatics) as a means of constructing and organizing knowledge.

Charles Ferris,, Advisor: Stephan Hamann
Research Interests: Emotional modulation of memory in humans.

Cynthia Guo,, Advisor: Philippe Rochat
Research Interests: Early social and cognitive development, especially social rejection across cultures.

Ana Maria, Advisor: Patricia Bauer
Research Interests: Investigating information integration between two languages and the physiological changes that occur during autographical retrieval in relation to age and gender.

Yaxin Liu,, Advisor: Stella Lourenco
Research Interests: Spatial representation, particularly mental rotaion, spatial training, and spatial development in early childhood.

Susan Shepardson,, Advisor: Stephan Hamann
Research interests: Emotional memory, brain systems and structures of emotion, false memories, metacognition. 

Julia Wilson,, Advisor: Patricia Bauer
Research Interests: The development and the neurocognitive processes associated with self-derivation of new knowledge and other facets of semantic memory.