Lauren Aulet,, Advisor: Stella Lourenco
Research Interests: Numerical cognition. Specifically, spatial representations of magnitude (number, object size, area, etc).

Vladislav, Advisor: Stella Lourenco
Research Interests: I am interested in the relationship between spatial thinking and mathematics. Specifically, I study how intuitive geometric reasoning may develop in conjunction with navigation abilities.

Sara, Advisor: Philippe Rochat
Research Interests: Exploring the development of social cognition in infancy and early childhood by studying the relationship between audience perception (the belief that others are watching and evaluating my behavior) and the emergence of self-awareness.

Ruu Harn "Annie" Cheng,, Advisor: Daniel Dilks
Research Interests: Functional organization of the visual cortex and neural processes underlying visual perception.

Jing Chen,; Advisor: Larry Barsalou

Kristina Dahlgren,, Advisor: Stephan Hamann
Research Interests: Brain systems and structures underlying memory, emotional processing, and stress.

Lauren DeFife,, Advisor: Lynne Nygaard
Research Interests: Perceptual learning of speech, auditory self-monitoring in speech production, auditory system plasticity. 

Jessica, Advisor: Patricia Bauer
Research Interests: Development of semantic memory in young children and adolescents, metamemory, and metacognition.

Jacquelyn Ellison,, Advisor: Phillip Wolff
Research Interests: The development, processing, and production of language (especially grammar in terms of syntax and pragmatics) as a means of constructing and organizing knowledge.

Charles Ferris,, Advisor: Stephan Hamann
Research Interests: Emotional modulation of memory in humans.

Matthew Graci,, Advisor: Robyn Fivush
Research Interests: Autobiographical memory. Personal narratives of challenging experiences and how people make meaning from these experiences are of particular interest. "

Cynthia Guo,, Advisor: Philippe Rochat
Research Interests: Early social and cognitive development, especially social rejection across cultures.

Ana Maria, Advisor: Patricia Bauer
Research Interests: Investigating information integration between two languages and the physiological changes that occur during autographical retrieval in relation to age and gender.

Yaseen Jamal,, Advisor: Daniel Dilks
Research Interests: Multisensory perception and mental imagery.

Maria Jones,, Advisor: Philippe Rochat

Frederik Kamps,, Advisor: Daniel Dilks
Research Interests: Functional organization and development of high-level visual systems for face, place, and object perception.

Jillian, Advisor: Patricia Bauer
Research Interests: The development of spatial cognition.

Eva Lewandowski,, Advisor: Lynne Nygaard

Yaxin Liu,, Advisor: Stella Lourenco
Research Interests: Spatial representation, particularly mental rotaion, spatial training, and spatial development in early childhood.

Kelly McCormick,, Advisor: Lynne Nygaard
Research Interests: Relationship between symbolic form and meaning in symbol-using systems. (Website)

Andrew, Advisor: Daniel Dilks
Research Interests: fMRI and behavioral measures to study the functional organization of the visual cortex and the extent to which neurons in these areas exhibit plasticity."

Anais, Advisor: Patricia Bauer

Robert, Advisor: Phillip Wolff
Research Interests: Perceptual and inferential mechanisms underlying causal representation.

Shensheng Wang,, Advisor: Philippe Rochat
Research Interests: Face perception, particularly the Uncanny Valley phenomenon, and the moral emotions of envy and Schadenfreude (joy derived from other's misfortune) in infant and child development.