Cognition and Development

Graduate Program

Goals and Objectives

The Program in Cognition and Development at Emory approaches the study of cognition from multiple perspectives including adult and child behavioral perspectives, neuroimaging and neuroscientific perspectives, computational perspectives, and social/situated perspectives. In the service of providing this multi-faceted training approach:

  • All core graduate courses are co-taught by a faculty member who studies adult cognition and a faculty member who studies cognitive development
  • The program covers four core areas of study: Perceptual Cognition, Conceptual Processes, Language, and Memory
  • Students and faculty attend and participate in a variety of talks and research groups designed to foster interaction across labs and experimental approaches

Graduate Training

The graduate program in Cognition and Development is designed to train students for research and teaching at the forefront of cognition and its development. Our goal is to ground students in an interdisciplinary understanding of the basic issues in cognition from the perspectives of cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and computational modeling. Through research training, coursework, and teaching, students acquire the professional skills necessary for careers in academic research and teaching institutions, as well as in other public and private research settings.

Colloquia & Workshops

The Emory Cognition Project, directed by Dr. Daniel Dilks provides additional resources for scholarly activities in the program including a Cognition Library, Small Conferences, and a Book Series entitled The Emory Symposia in Cognition.

The Departmental Colloquium Series hosts external and internal speakers on a wide range of topics. Typically six outside speakers per year (including two nominated by each graduate program) and four to six departmental faculty give talks with informal receptions afterwards.

The Boyd McCandless Lecture in Developmental Psychology provides an additional opportunity to invite a distinguished psychologist who studies development to Emory. Recent McCandless lecturers have included Helen Neville, Dedre Gentner, Patricia Bauer, Judith Dunn and Paul Harris.

Contact Information

The Psychology Department Graduate Academic Degree Program Coordinator is Paula Mitchell. She can be reached at 404-727-7456 or regarding general questions about the graduate program requirements and application procedures and status.

The Director for the Program in Cognition and Development is Dr. Phillip He may be reached with specific questions about the program that are not addressed on our webpage.