Jessica Barber, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer. Virginia Commonwealth University, 2012.
Research Interests: Attitude change in political context; relation between political attitudes and ideology, attitude polarization, selective exposure, and the persuasive function of language abstractness.

Patricia Bauer, Ph.D. Asa Griggs Candler Professor. Miami University, 1985. 
Research Interests: Development of memory from infancy through childhood, with special emphasis on the determinants of remembering and forgetting; and links between social, cognitive, and neural developments and age-related changes in autobiographical or personal memory.

Daniel D. Dilks, Ph.D. Associate Professor (as of September 2013).  Johns Hopkins University, 2005. 
Research Interests:  Cortical plasticity in adult human vision, and the functional organization of human visual cortex and its origins.  Methodologies include psychophysics, fMRI, TMS, and neuropsychology.

Robyn Fivush, Ph.D. Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor and Associate Vice-Provost for Academic Innovation. The City University of New York, 1982. 
Research Interests: Early memory with an emphasis on the social construction of autobiographical memory and the relations among memory, narrative, identity, trauma, and coping.

Stephan Hamann, Ph.D. Professor. University of Toronto, 1993. 
Research Interests: Declarative and nondeclarative memory in humans; emotion and emotional memory; methodologies include cognitive tasks, neuroimaging, TMS, and study of neuropsychological patients.

Stella Felix Lourenco, Ph.D. Associate Professor. University of Chicago, 2006. 
Research Interests: Spatial perception and cognition, which includes geometric coding in young children, sex and socioeconomic differences, spatial reasoning in atypical populations, and influences of tool use in spatial representation.

Lynne Nygaard, Ph.D. Professor. Brown University, 1991. 
Research Interests: Mechanisms underlying the perception of speech and auditory events; perceptual learning of talker-specific properties of speech; emotion and language; auditory imagery for spoken language.

Philippe Rochat, Ph.D. Professor. University of Geneva, Switzerland, 1983. 
Research Interests: Development of the perceived self, symbolic functioning, selective imitation, face recognition, cross-cultural differences in the development of the sense of entitlement, ownership, sharing, and negotiation.

Phillip Wolff, Ph.D. Professor. Northwestern University, 1999. 
Research Interests: Language semantics and machine learning to predict human decision-making and mental health.

Affiliated Faculty

Robert N. McCauley, Ph.D. Professor, Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture. University of Chicago, 1979. 
Research Interests: The philosophy of science and the philosophy of psychology, focusing on cross-scientific relations, the cognitive science of science, and the cognitive science of religion

James Rilling, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology. Emory University, 1998. 
Research Interests: 1) exploring the neural basis of human social cognition with fMRI, and 2) comparing human and non-human primate brains to identify human brain specializations.

Krish Sathian, M.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Neurology. M.D. University of Madras, 1980; Ph.D. University of Melbourne, 1987. 
Research Interests: Cognitive neuroscience of tactile perception, visual attention and neural plasticity; psychophysics, neuroimaging and neurophysiology.

John Snarey, Ed.D., Professor of Human Development and Ethics, School of Theology, 1987.
Research Interests: Psychology of moral cognition and development; psychology of religion.

Emeritus Faculty

Howard A. Rollins, Ph.D. Professor. University of California, Los Angeles, 1968.