Emory Cognition Project

The Emory Cognition Project provides a forum for theoretical and empirical investigations of major topics in the field. Approximately every other year, the Project hosts a small conference, inviting leading researchers to come to Emory to discuss a specific set of issues from a variety of theoretical and disciplinary viewpoints. The proceedings of many of these conferences have been published as edited volumes in our ongoing book series, the Emory Symposia in Cognition and Development. The Cognition Project also maintains the Cognition Library in the Psychology Department.

Edited Volumes, Emory Symposia in Cognition and Development:

Concepts and Conceptual Development: Ecological and intellectual factors in categorization* (1987) Ulric Neisser, Editor

Remembering Reconsidered:Ecological and traditional approaches to the study of memory* (1988) Ulric Neisser & Eugene Winograd, Editors

Knowing and Remembering in Young Children* (1990) Robyn Fivush and Judith A. Hudson, Editors

Affect and Accuracy in Recall: Studies of “flashbulb” memories* (1992) Eugene Winograd & Ulric Neisser, Editors

The Perceived Self: Ecological and interpersonal sources of self-knowledge* (1993) Ulric Neisser, Editor

The Remembering Self: Construction and accuracy in the self-narrative* (1994) Ulric Neisser & Robyn Fivush, Editors

The Conceptual Self in Context: Culture, experience and self understanding* (1997) Ulric Neisser & David A. Jopling, Editors

Ecological Approaches to Cognition: Essays in Honor of Ulric Neisser^ (1999) Eugene Winograd, Robyn Fivush, & William Hirst, Editors

Symbol Use and Symbolic Representation: Developmental and Comparative Perspectives^ (2005) Laura Namy, Editor

* published by Cambridge University Press

^ published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

Past Cognition Project Conferences:

Emotion and Communication (March, 1999), Organizers: Lynne Nygaard & Philippe Rochat

Symbol Use and Symbolic Representation: Developmental & Comparative Perspectives(October, 2003), Organizer: Laura Namy

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (April, 2005), Organizer: Debra Mills

Memory, Stress, Attachment, and Coping (April, 2006), Organizer: Robyn Fivush