Admission to the Cognition & Development (C&D) Program is highly competitive. We admit only 3 to 4 students per year. Applications are evaluated based on grades, GREs, personal statements, research background, and letters of recommendation. Students admitted to the C&D program typically have a grade point average of 3.5 or higher and a strong GRE scores. However, we weigh scores less heavily than we do the degree of fit between the goals of the student and the research interests of the faculty members. Each year, highly qualified applicants fail to be admitted due to a mismatch in interests or because the faculty with whom the students are primarily interested in working are not accepting students that year.

A small number of applicants will be invited to visit campus for a two-day interview in mid-February. International applicants will be interviewed by phone. Admissions will be based on these interviews.

There is substantial overlap in the topics investigated by members of the NAB and C&D programs. Students are encouraged to collaborate with any laboratory that represents their interests and will advance their training. In reflection of these facts, students may apply to either program individually, or to both programs simultaneously. If you wish to apply to both the NAB and the C&D programs, simply select both from the application menu. You will then be able to identify faculty of interest to you from either program.

Applicants should see the Admission to Doctoral Study in Psychology webpage for additional information on applying. Students with questions about the application process should contact Ms. Paula Mitchell,, Graduate Academic Degree Services Coordinator for the Psychology Department. Dr. Phillip Wolff,, Director of the Cognition and Development Program, can answer additional questions regarding the program.

The deadline for applications for Cognition and Development is December 1, 2018. Application for admission must be submitted online by visiting: This allows the Psychology program to have immediate access to your application, and it will allow you to track which credentials we have received.