Katrina Aberizk,, Advisor: Elaine Walker
Research Interests: I am broadly interested in the insidious onset of psychosis and hope to refine profiles of psychotic disorders to improve risk factor calculations and intervention strategies. More specifically, I’m interested in elucidating inflection points in the specialization of brain networks in early life, and in how the timing and biological embedding of stress, concomitant with genetic risk, may relate to neuroinflammation and the emergence of psychopathology in adolescence and early adulthood.

Amanda Arulpragasam,, Advisor: Michael Treadway
Research Interests: I am interested in using neuroimaging and neuromodulatory approaches to better understand the role synaptic plasticity and neural networks play in the etiology and maintenance of psychopathology.

Devika Basu,, Advisor: Linda Craighead
Research Interests: Models of risk and resilience related to obesity and eating disorders in children and adolescents; incorporating these models into interventions and evidence-based treatments.

Lauren Bertin,, Advisor: Rohan Palmer
Research Interests: The interplay between cognitive, behavioral, and genetic factors that contribute to the development and maintenance of substance use disorders.

Shauna Bowes,, Advisor: Scott Lilienfeld
Research Interests: Psychopathic personality, specifically the potential behavioral, emotional, and neurobiological underpinnings of psychopathy; etiological models of pathological personality features; effectively communicating about scientific thinking.

April Brown,, Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: I am primarily interested in studying the “cycle of violence” hypothesis and examining the biological and psychosocial stress mechanisms that link adverse childhood experiences to child psychopathology.

Cyrus Chi,, Advisor: Jack McDowell
Research Interests: How ETBD may be codified in neurological activity, quantification and detection of behavioral feedback loops, and technologically aided prevention and treatment models.

Madeleine Cohen,, Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: Modifiable environmental influences (e.g., parenting behaviors, sleep) on maternal and child psychopathology (e.g., anxiety symptomatology) and wellbeing.

Tom Costello,, Advisor: Scott Lilienfeld
Research Interests: Processes underlying psychopathic personality, including those relating to narcissism, empathy, etiologic factors, and cognitive functioning; belief systems; the philosophy of science.

Melissa Engel,, Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: I am interested in studying pediatric chronic illness through a developmental psychopathology framework, with particular emphases on psychobiological mechanisms, stress, and resilience.

Roberto Espana,, Advisor: Elaine Walker
Research Interests: My interests lie in exploring the neurodevelopmental factors behind schizophrenia. I would also like to examine the relationship between schizophrenia and marijuana use during adolescence.

Ryan Guest,, Advisor: Elaine Walker
Research Interests: Heterogeneous developmental trajectories and predictors of psychosis (i.e. at-risk states). 

Cassandra, Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: Neurobiological and social mechanisms that influence emotion regulation and stress responsivity in infancy and childhood.

Shabnam Hossein,, Advisor: Michael Treadway
Research Interests: My primary research interests lie in understanding the underlying cognitive mechanisms that maintain psychopathological symptoms especially present in anxiety and mood disorders. I am also interested in applying methods of network science to study mental disorders.

Elaine Johnson,, Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: Exploring the relationship between resilience, environmental stress factors and the development of mood disorders in individuals who have faced repetitive traumas or live in high-stress environments.

James Kennedy,, Advisor: Edward Craighead
Research Interests: The use of meditation-based interventions for the treatment and prevention of psychopathology.

Bryan, Advisor: Jack McDowell
Research Interests: Quantitative analysis of the behavior of human participants and artificial life forms using an evolutionary theory of behavior dynamics and the algebraic formulas of matching theory.

Victoria Lawlor,, Advisor: Michael Treadway
Research Interests: I am interested in computational modeling of value-based decision-making, the role of decision-making in mood disorders, and the biological basis of reward learning.

Meeka Maier,, Advisor: Sherryl Goodman
Research Interests: Risk factors and progression of perinatal depression; early predictors of infant developmental outcomes; effects of prenatal exposure to SSRIs.

Kathleen Martin,, Advisor: Rohan Palmer
Research Interests: Gene-environment interaction in the development of internalizing and externalizing psychopathology.

Brooke McKenna,, Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: Biological and environmental influences on developmental psychopathology; interaction of early adversity and genetic liability.

Elise Ozbardakci,, Advisor: Linda Craighead
Research Interests: Prevention and treatment of obesity in children and adolescents. I’m also interested in utilizing digital health technology as a component of intervention programs targeting populations at-risk for obesity.

Blaire Pingeton,, Advisor: Sherryl Goodman
Research Interests: The link between maternal prenatal bio/psycho/social behavior and child development.

Holly, Advisor: Irwin Waldman
Research Interests: Studies genetic and environmental contributions to the development of aggression, social behavior, and social cognition. 

Steve Riley,, Advisor: Jack McDowell
Research Interests: Quantitative analysis and modeling of behavior, and extending the reach and efficacy of clinical treatments via tools developed for consumer technology (e.g., smartphones and VR devices).

Brittany Robbins,, Advisor: Linda Craighead
Research Interests: The maintenance of non-restrictive eating disorders in young adults, as well as the use of mindfulness-based approaches for the treatment of such disorders.

Hannah, Advisor: Sherryl Goodman
Research Interests: Parenting beliefs and parent-child interactions with depressed mothers and women's narratives of parenting while depressed.

Shosuke, Suzuki,, Advisor: Michael Treadway
Research Interests: Neurobiological mechanisms underlying cost-benefit decision making and motivation, and their failure, in psychopathology. Social, psychological, and biological factors that interact with motivation to expend effort.

Andrew, Advisor: Michael Treadway
Research Interests: I’m interested in the use of imaging both to shape existing treatments and to develop new ones for internalizing disorders like depression and PTSD.

Viviane Valdes,, Advisor: Linda Craighead
Research Interests: Psychosocial determinants of early child developmental outcomes.