Amanda Arulpragasam,, Advisor: Michael Treadway
Research Interests: I am interested in using neuroimaging and neuromodulatory approaches to better understand the role synaptic plasticity and neural networks play in the etiology and maintenance of psychopathology.

Devika Basu,, Advisor: Linda Craighead
Research Interests: Models of risk and resilience related to obesity and eating disorders in children and adolescents; incorporating these models into interventions and evidence-based treatments.

Lauren Bertin,, Advisor: Rohan Palmer
Research Interests: The interplay between cognitive, behavioral, and genetic factors that contribute to the development and maintenance of substance use disorders.

Katrina, Advisor: Elaine Walker
Research Interests: Severe psychopathology in youth, especially psychotic disorders; the neurobiological effects and psychological correlates of psychosocial stress and trauma.

Shauna Bowes,, Advisor: Scott Lilienfeld
Research Interests: Psychopathic personality, specifically the potential behavioral, emotional, and neurobiological underpinnings of psychopathy; etiological models of pathological personality features; effectively communicating about scientific thinking.

April Brown,, Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: I am primarily interested in studying the “cycle of violence” hypothesis and examining the biological and psychosocial stress mechanisms that link adverse childhood experiences to child psychopathology.

Rebecca Burger-Caplan,, Advisor: Ami Klin
Research Interests: Early diagnostic indicators for Autism Spectrum Disorders and sex differences in social engagement in infancy.

Olivia Calvin,, Advisor: Jack McDowell
Research Interests: Complexity theory accounts of choice behavior and its biological underpinnings.

Cyrus Chi,, Advisor: Jack McDowell
Research Interests: How ETBD may be codified in neurological activity, quantification and detection of behavioral feedback loops, and technologically aided prevention and treatment models.

Madeleine Cohen,, Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: Developmental significance of biological causes and correlates on children's development, with particular interest to internalizing disorders. Additionally, the reciprocal role of motherhood in children's psychosocial development.

Tom Costello,, Advisor: Scott Lilienfeld
Research Interests: Processes underlying psychopathic personality, including those relating to narcissism, empathy, etiologic factors, and cognitive functioning; belief systems; the philosophy of science.

Katherine, Advisor: Sherryl Goodman
Research Interests: Vulnerabilities to depression in at-risk children; the roles of positive affect and parent-child interactions in the development of depression; depression prevention and intervention strategies.

Roberto Espana,, Advisor: Elaine Walker
Research Interests: My interests lie in exploring the neurodevelopmental factors behind schizophrenia. I would also like to examine the relationship between schizophrenia and marijuana use during adolescence.

Ryan Hackett,, Advisor: Jack McDowell
Research Interests: Studies genetic and environmental influences on antisocial behavior. Currently he is investigating peer influence and parental monitoring in the development of antisocial behaviors.

Meeka Halperin,, Advisor: Sherryl Goodman
Research Interests: Risk factors and progression of perinatal depression; early predictors of infant developmental outcomes; effects of prenatal exposure to SSRIs.

Joya Hampton,, Advisor: Linda Craighead
Research Interests: Non-restrictive eating pathology in children and adolescents and its psychosocial correlates. I am also interested in cross-cultural psychology. 

Cassandra, Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: Neurobiological and social mechanisms that influence emotion regulation and stress responsivity in infancy and childhood.

Shabnam Hossein,, Advisor: Michael Treadway
Research Interests: My primary research interests lie in understanding the underlying cognitive mechanisms that maintain psychopathological symptoms especially present in anxiety and mood disorders. I am also interested in applying methods of network science to study mental disorders.

James Kennedy,, Advisor: Edward Craighead
Research Interests: The use of meditation-based interventions for the treatment and prevention of psychopathology.

Bryan, Advisor: Jack McDowell
Research Interests: Quantitative analysis of the behavior of human participants and artificial life forms using an evolutionary theory of behavior dynamics and the algebraic formulas of matching theory.

Gershom Lazarus,, Advisor: Eugene Emory

Meg Martinez,, Advisor: Linda Craighead
Research Interests: I am interested in the etiology, maintenance, and treatment of eating disorders.  My current project focuses on mindfulness-based interventions for the reduction of impulsive eating.

Brooke McKenna,, Advisor: Patricia Brennan
Research Interests: Biological and environmental influences on developmental psychopathology; interaction of early adversity and genetic liability.

Brett, Advisor: Scott Lilienfeld
Research Interests: My research interests include psychopathy, empathic functioning, impulse control deficits, interpersonal power and dominance, and topics related to the intersection between law and psychology.

Derek Novacek,, Advisor: Elaine Walker
Research Interests: Neurodevelopmental markers of emotion and social cognition in psychosis; maladaptive personality and psychosocial functioning.

Elise Ozbardakci,, Advisor: Linda Craighead
Research Interests: Prevention and treatment of obesity in children and adolescents. I’m also interested in utilizing digital health technology as a component of intervention programs targeting populations at-risk for obesity.

Blaire Pingeton,, Advisor: Sherryl Goodman
Research Interests: The link between maternal prenatal bio/psycho/social behavior and child development.

Holly, Advisor: Irwin Waldman
Research Interests: Studies genetic and environmental contributions to the development of aggression, social behavior, and social cognition. 

Brooke Reidy,, Advisor: Patricia Brennan

Steve Riley,, Advisor: Jack McDowell
Research Interests: Quantitative analysis and modeling of behavior, and extending the reach and efficacy of clinical treatments via tools developed for consumer technology (e.g., smartphones and VR devices).

Hannah, Advisor: Sherryl Goodman
Research Interests: Parenting beliefs and parent-child interactions with depressed mothers and women's narratives of parenting while depressed.

Andrew, Advisor: Michael Treadway
Research Interests: I’m interested in the use of imaging both to shape existing treatments and to develop new ones for internalizing disorders like depression and PTSD.

Aubrey Toole,, Advisor: Linda Craighead
Research Interests: Disordered eating and body image concerns in young women and adolescents, and mindfulness-based approaches to prevent and treat these issues.

Ashley Watts,, Advisor: Scott Lilienfield
Research Interests: Pathological personality, specifically psychopathy and narcissism; the validity of self-report personality assessment; the implications of scientific thinking for the field of psychology.