Photo left to right: Marshall Duke, Irwin Waldman, Cynthia Messina, Linda Craighead, Sherryl Goodman, Michael Treadway, Scott Lilienfeld, Elaine Walker, Steve Nowicki, Ann Abramowitz, Ellison Cale, Patricia Brennan, Steve Snow, Jack McDowell and Edward Craighead.

Ann Abramowitz, Ph.D. Professor of Practice. State University of New York, Stony Brook, 1988. Family and school interventions for disruptive behavior disorders. Multimodal treatment of ADHD. Behavioral and neuropsychological correlates of Fragile x Syndrome.

Nancy Bliwise, Ph.D. Professor of Pedagogy. University of Chicago, 1982. Adult attachment as a predictor of relationship functioning throughout the adult life course; clinical applications of attachment theory; statistical analysis of change.

Patricia A. Brennan, Ph.D. Professor, Chair. University of Southern California, 1992. Biological, psychological, and social risk factors for aggression and criminal violence. The effect of parental psychopathology on child outcome from biological, clinical and developmental perspectives.

W. Edward Craighead, Ph.D. Professor. University of Illinois, 1970. Major depression and bipolar disorders: Assessment, prevention and treatment. Personality disorders and relapse/recurrence of mood disorders. Cognitive, interpersonal, and behavioral approaches to assessment and intervention for mood disorders among children, dolescents, and college students.

Linda Craighead, Ph.D. Professor. The Pennsylvania State University, 1976. Psychopathology and interventions related to eating disorders and weight concerns, cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical therapy, mindfulness-based therapies.

Marshall P. Duke, Ph.D. Charles Howard Candler Professor of Personality and Psychopathology. Indiana University, 1968. Experimental and theoretical analysis of behavior within a social learning framework. Development and standardization of locus of control measures. Non-verbal behavior development, assessment and remediation, in situ experience sampling.

Eugene Emory, Ph.D. Professor. University of Florida, 1978. Developmental psychophysiology and neuropsychology; psychobiological approaches to high risk research, perinatal brain trauma and early stress. Neuropsychology and assessment of developmental disorders, differential diagnosis and court testimony. Cognitive-behavior therapy, parent training. Out-of-home and foster care placement and their effect on psychological and cognitive development.

Sherryl Goodman, Ph.D. Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor. University of Waterloo, 1978. Testing an integrative model for the development of psychopathology in children with depressed mothers, including four purported mechanisms: heritability, neuroregulatory mechanisms, maladaptive parenting, and stressful environments.

Ami Klin, Ph.D. (Associated Faculty) Director of the Marcus Autism Center, CHOA, Professor and Chief, Division of Autism and Related Disorders, Department of Pediatrics, Emory School of Medicine. Focuses on understanding the emergence of social mind and to social brain and the disruptions of these processes that lead to autism spectrum disorders, and developing measures to assess early emerging mechanisms of sociability in human infants and non-human primates. Working on new models of health care delivery that involve universal screening of babies and tie screening to early intervention.

Scott Lilienfeld, Ph.D. Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor. University of Minnesota, 1990. Causes and measurement of personality disorders (especially psychopathic personality); personality assessment; psychiatric classification and diagnosis; pseudoscience and clinical psychology; critical thinking in psychology education.

Jack J. McDowell, Ph.D. Professor. State University of New York, Stony Brook, 1979. Mathematical and computational models of social behavior. Conformance of naturally occurring human behavior to mathematical and computational theories. Behavior therapy outcome.

Cynthia Messina, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer and Clinic Director of the Psychological Center. Emory University, 1987.

Rohan Palmer, Ph.D. Assistant Professor. University of Colorado at Boulder, 2010. Understanding the persistent and transient problems leading to alcohol and other substance use disorders (SUDs).

Michael Treadway, Ph.D. Associate Professor. Vanderbilt University, 2012. Understanding the molecular and circuit-level mechanisms of psychiatric symptoms related to mood, anxiety, and decision-making including multimodal neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, MRS, and PET), behavioral paradigms, computational modeling, and clinical/personality assessment.

Irwin Waldman, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology. University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 1988. Main interests are the classification, development, and causes of childhood externalizing problems such as Attention Deficit Disorders, antisocial behavior, and aggression. Other interests include developmental behavior genetics and quantitative methods, especially as applied to childhood behavior problems, intelligence, and personality and adjustment.

Elaine Walker, Ph.D. Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience. University of Missouri, 1979. Developmental precursors of mental illness. Neurodevelopmental and socioemotional factors, cognitive and neuropsychological aspects of psychosis, forensic issues in the defense of psychotic offenders and the application of the insanity plea.

Drew Westen, Ph.D. Professor. University of Michigan, 1985. Personality and personality disorders in adolescents and adults; eating disorders; classification of psychopathology; psychotherapy effectiveness; integrative and psychodynamic psychotherapy; psychoanalysis and cognitive neuroscience.

Emeritus Faculty

Steve Nowicki, Ph.D. Charles Howard Candler Professor of Psychology. Purdue University, 1969. Diplomate (Clinical) ABPP. Interpersonal communications as it functions in psychotherapy and the formation of relationships. Measurement and correlates of locus of control of reinforcement within social learning theory.