Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data

The following faculty will be interviewing applicants for Fall 2020 admission:

Gregory BernsPatricia BrennanLinda Craighead, Daniel Dilks, Harold GouzoulesStephan HamannAmi KlinScott Lilienfeld, Rohan Palmer, Philippe RochatMichael TreadwayIrwin Waldman, and Phillip Wolff.

The number of applicants we will be able to accept will be determined by the amount of funding available at the time offers are made. Each faculty member will review the folders of any student who designates them as a potential mentor, so you do not need to contact the faculty member directly. Other faculty members, except those listed above, are NOT considering applications this year.

Due to the volume of applicants, it is the clinical program's policy that faculty and graduate students are not able to respond to anything other than brief e-mail inquiries until applicants are invited for an interview.

Admission to the Program is highly competitive. The clinical faculty is committed to the early development of a mentoring relationship with students. Thus, applications are evaluated on the basis of academic background and potential, and on the fit between the applicant's research interests and the interests and expertise of faculty who are admitting students in a given year. Students are typically admitted into the program as a member of a specific professor's research group, although they are free to change mentors if doing so better meets their evolving goals during graduate school.

Applicants must satisfy admission requirements described in the Emory University Laney Graduate School application checklist. This includes (a) a Statement of Purpose that outlines the applicant's goals in undertaking doctoral study in clinical psychology; (b) competitive scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) taken no more than five years prior to application; subject test is not required; (c) 3 letters of recommendation; and (d) transcripts and other evidence of academic work from all previous graduate and undergraduate institutions. Applicants whose native language is not English should provide evidence of completing the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), together with any other evidence of English-language fluency. *Please note that a writing sample is not required. Please contact Paula Mitchell with any questions.* Highly qualified applicants whose research interests match those of our clinical faculty will be invited to the department for a day of interviews. The typical candidate admitted to our program has a strong GRE scores, although candidates who do not meet these criteria are sometimes admitted. Interested in Clinical Graduate School? Here's what you need to know.

Applicants to the Clinical Program should be aware of the following information:

1. Time to Completion - Click on the pdf link to view time of completion data (PDF)

2. Program Costs -   Click on the pdf link to view tuition and fees data (PDF

3. Internships -Click on the pdf link to view internship data (PDF)

4. Attrition - Click on the pdf link to view attrition data (PDF)

5. Licensure  - Click on the pdf link to view licensure data (PDF)

Application Procedures

Please note: The deadline for application to the Clinical Psychology Program is December 1. This is several weeks earlier than the deadline for the Graduate School. We do this so we can review applications early, and give you more time to arrange an interview if invited. Applicants to the Laney Graduate School and the Department of Psychology are strongly encouraged to use the online application. The use of the online application allows the department immediate access to your application. The entire application process will be completed online ONLY. All credentials will be uploaded into the online system. To facilitate your application being read by faculty whose interests most closely match yours, please carefully examine the list of faculty and their research interests, and rank-order the three faculty members whose work is of most interest to you.

The deadline for applications for Clinical Psychology is December 1, 2019. The online application will open in September, 2019.

We strongly encourage you to use the online application. This allows the Psychology program to have immediate access to your application, and it will allow you to track which credentials we have received.

Applications will be reviewed in early January and about 20 to 25 applicants will be invited for the initial interview date which is tentatively scheduled during the month of February. Due to the number of applications received, we are not able to interview all applicants or to schedule interviews before that time. Applicants who are no longer being considered will be notified as soon as possible, however we maintain a secondary/wait list of another 20 to 25 applicants who remain under consideration in case we determine that additional applicants should be interviewed. These applicants will be notified once our final acceptances have been received and they are no longer in consideration.