Please note: This study is currently closed to enrollment. For information regarding other labs and study opportunities, please check the Psychology Department website

We are currently inviting mothers & children ages 8, 9, or 10 to participate in a program at no cost on either (a) Healthy Nutrition or (b) Positive Parenting.


Who is Eligible?

  • Mothers and children (ages 8, 9, or 10)
  • Mother has had a mood problem (i.e., depression) during child’s life

What is Involved?

  • Phone interview to determine eligibility.
  • Participation in the Nutrition program or the Parenting program.
  • Mothers complete questions about their moods, parenting attitudes, behaviors, and about their child’s temperament and behaviors.
  • Mothers and children have a play time for 10 minutes
  • Children (a) answer questions about their feelings, what they do for fun, and their mom’s behaviors with them, (b) watch brief clips from children’s animated movies & rate their moods, (c) play a computer game and earn quarters, and  (d) have their heart rate and brain activity monitored, with non-invasive sticker electrodes and an electrode cap, respectively.

How Long Will This Take? 

Mothers and children together attend three, 2-3 hour sessions, over a 4-week period.


  • Eligible mothers receive $150 at the completion of the study.
  • Children select a small gift and keep the quarters they earn on the computer game in each session.

If you are interested or would like more information, please call or email Christine Kim at 404-727-0249