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5/14/2018 Jenifer Norwalk receives the Schear Family Prize at Honors Day- this award recognizes two college students who demonstrate significant leadership and are "most likely to make a uniquely positive mark on their universe."

5/12/2018 Seniors Rachel Brenner, Maya Knight, and Jenifer Norwalk graduated from the Emory Scholars program!

4/4/2018 Jessie Vissicchio successfully defended her honors thesis and earned highest honors!

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About Us

The Children’s and Mothers’ Emotions Lab (CAMEL) is directed by Dr. Sherryl H. Goodman. In this lab, we study mothers who have experienced depression and their children, examining children’s development of emotional regulation, positive affect, and various other factors. Other studies include the development and evaluation of interventions with pregnant women to prevent or treat depression, with the additional aim of enhancing children’s healthy development.




We are currently not seeking any participants.